The leading corporate foreign exchange firm dedicated to managing your company's cross border payments and FX risk.

GPS Capital Markets

Founded In 2002


Leveraging a team rich in international banking from the world’s largest financial institutions, GPS combines tailored FX solutions with superior one-on-one service. As a premier FX brokerage firm, our clients range from small businesses to publicly traded corporations.

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Our company philosophy is guided by three core principles: integrity, experience, and service. Our decisions are based upon carrying out these sound principles in unison to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and interests protected.

Al Manbeian, Founder

We are long-term, loyal partners to our clients and your trust is of the utmost importance to us. We do everything to obtain and keep that trust. When you engage in business with GPS, you work with a company who compliments its internal resources with trusted partners such as BDO, SWIFT, Bloomberg, and Reuters. As a financial institution, GPS is required by law to conduct its operations in accordance with all national regulations governing foreign exchange transactions.


GPS’s leadership team combines many years of international banking experience from the world’s largest financial institutions. Each member of the GPS team is a seasoned and respected specialist in foreign exchange. All transactions, ranging from the simplest to the most comprehensive, receive the same level of expertise ensuring every solution optimizes your company’s financial position.


Our award winning team partners with you so you can focus on growing the core aspects of your business. Our service commitment extends beyond simple trade execution and exposure analysis. From middle of the night calls to faraway places ensuring payment receipt to customizing FXpert® to meet your company’s unique needs, we commit the necessary resources to ensure that your business needs are executed with the highest level of commitment from the GPS team.

More Than Just
Foreign Exchange

A secure online platform, offers many features and options to better benefit your company and manage your foreign exchange. FXpert® allows you to perform FX payments, balance sheet hedging, intercompany netting, balance reporting, and cash flow forecasting from anywhere you have internet access.

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FX Payments
Easily manage all of your payments on your own devices; perform simple spot transactions and receive the best exchange rates.
Balance Sheet Hedging
GPS works with you as a consultant to develop customized balance sheet hedging strategies to mitigate your risk and protect your company.
Balance Reporting
Manage and view all of your global bank account details from one portal.
Cash Flow Forecasting
Track your FX exposure forecasts over a period of time and help you gain confidence in hedging accurately and efficiently.
Intercompany Netting
Crucial for companies with subsidiaries; net your subsidiaries' obligations to each other to reduce the number of transactions between entities while minimizing risk and allowing your company to perform better.
1:1 Support

With GPS you don’t have to get transferred around the world to obtain the help you need. One simple phone call connects you with your own experienced account executive that is always ready to help. Each account executive is then backed by a team of experts who make it their priority to help you with anything from the simplest to the most complex of foreign exchange questions and situations.


Our services extend beyond FX trade execution and FX exposure analysis. We work to truly partner with you, our client. With a studied understanding of your business, we offer a comprehensive, tailored currency strategy. Then, based on our analysis of your company’s financial needs, we act decisively, executing foreign currency trades unrivaled by our competitors.


GPS Capital Markets was founded by bringing the best minds from among the top multi-national banking institutions together. Since that time, we have structured hundreds of billions in FX transactions and saved individual clients millions of dollars. We help our clients enhance their financial positions and reduce their risk exposures.

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