Intercompany Netting


FXpert’s Intercompany Netting efficiently consolidates the financial obligations among your subsidiary entities. By minimizing intercompany transactions, FXpert not only reduces risk but also streamlines and automates payments between subsidiaries. This results in each subsidiary receiving or making just one payment in their local currency. Intercompany netting provides operational efficiency and comprehensive global visibility, which:

  • Reduces intercompany settlement time, saving valuable resources
  • Provides tailored user settings to align with specific roles and responsibilities
  • Results in total cost savings by minimizing foreign currency exchange volumes and transactions

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Benefits of Intercompany Netting

  • Save money and time by reducing transaction volume and administrative/processing costs
  • Mitigate FX risk by reducing the need for currency conversions and associated exposures
  • Produce effective cash flow management through consolidated payments

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FX Automation Made Simple

  • Standardize regular processes and accounting reporting with the FXpert platform
  • Aggregate data about your past FX processes and use insights to optimize decisions for the future
  • Simplify your view of intercompany FX dynamics and produce a single payment/receivable in each subsidiary’s local currency

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Intuitive FX Reporting

Customize your Treasury reports and benefit from a detailed view of all your company’s FX activity. FXpert produces:

  • Trade reports: Summarizes trades made in a given time period
  • Savings reports: Itemizes the reduction in wire fees and elimination of unnecessary transactions with total savings
  • Dispute audits: Gives a detailed audit for payables excluded from the netting period
  • Net settlements by subsidiary:  Provides transaction-level detail for each entity to clarify what payables/receivables were settled during the period and that netted out to one payment in the subsidiaries local currency
  • Funding reports: Shows a list of consolidated trades executed to fund the netting cycle (one trade per currency)
  • Participant reports: Gives transaction-level detail for each entity to use for reconciliation
  • Settlement reports: Provides summaries of payments from the netting center for each participant in their local currency

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