GPS’ award-winning FXpert platform allows you to manage everything from basic SPOT transactions to complex hedging strategies. The system provides an elite set of management tools, with contracts managed in one portal. All netting is done within the system with individual trade confirmations issued to each subsidiary, allowing you to hedge at the sub-level and still maintain GAAP and IFRS compliance.

As a result of the combination of effective FX software and responsive account attention, we are a trusted partner to multi-billion-dollar corporations in a range of industries.

FX Payments

FXpert allows you to actively manage transactions over time by utilizing data analytics and 25 years of trading experience for optimal pricing enhancement. GPS is a full member of the SWIFT network and lays off all transactions with an A1P1 rated counterparty. Actions you can perform in the app on mobile or desktop include:

  • CASH, TOM, and SPOT transactions
  • Split payments
  • Treasury management tools
  • Cash flow hedging
  • Balance sheet hedging and balance reporting
  • Intercompany netting


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Balance Sheet Hedging

With expert GPS advisors, you’ll develop customized balance sheet hedging strategies that mitigate your risk and utilize our award-winning platform to automate the process. With FXpert and your dedicated account executive, you can:

  • Evaluate current FX exposure
  • Net the exposure globally
  • Hedge based on extensive data

GPS has trade desks in the US, London, and Australia providing round-the-clock coverage with most balance sheet clients using forwards or options. Post-trade and settlement reporting are included.

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Cash Flow Hedging

To run a complex international business, producing accurate cash flow forecasts is key. FXpert’s cash flow functions give you multiple options to:

  • Create exposure forecasts that increase your hedging confidence and efficiency
  • Use aggregate analytics to test the success of your program and continually improve over time
  • Track and manage exposures in multiple currencies across multiple global entities
  • Get expert support 24/7


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Intercompany Netting

Crucial for companies with subsidiaries, FXpert nets your subsidiaries’ obligations to each other to reduce the number of transactions between entities while minimizing risk. Using FXpert will simplify and automate the payments between subsidiaries, with each subsidiary ending up with only one payment/receivable in their local currency.

  • Gain efficiencies and obtain complete global visibility
  • Save time by significantly reducing intercompany settlement
  • Customizable user settings to match roles and responsibilities
  • Save money by greatly reducing FX volumes and transactions

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Data Analytics

Better FX data leads to better FX decisions, with aggregation, visualization, and analysis crucial for peak treasury performance. FXpert’s drill-down capabilities allow role-based users to review, edit, and approve FX exposure amounts by entity, currency, and GL code. With customizable dashboards and reporting, you can review the data you need to push your company’s FX performance to the next level in the formats you choose.

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Batch Uploads

The FXpert beneficiary and contract batch upload features allow your organization to quickly process new contracts and beneficiary payments by adding multiple records to the FXpert platform at once. These solutions save treasury professionals significant time by eliminating the repetitive task of creating individual contracts and beneficiary templates, and provide greater accuracy by removing the chance of data entry errors.


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