Best Practices for a Successful Intercompany Netting Program

Are you searching for a roadmap to a successful intercompany netting program in your organization?

Join Rob Richards, Director of Quantitative Risk Analysis, and Brandon Larsen, Vice President of Sales and Trading with GPS Capital Markets for an engaging webinar as they share their insights from decades of experience successfully helping companies maximize netting benefits for their organizations.

Discover how global companies successfully apply intercompany netting to reduce high transaction volumes and associated costs, streamline settlement efficiency, and gain visibility into their intercompany financial flows.

Attendees will leave the session equipped with practical tips and ideas regardless of where your organization is on its journey to untangling global intercompany FX flows:

  • Choosing between Bilateral and Multilateral Netting
  • Navigating current country restrictions and strategies
  • Weighing the benefits and limitations of manual/Excel versus automated tools
  • Reviewing real-world examples of companies that have implemented an intercompany netting program.

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