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September 11, 2023

The dollar’s recent rally has landed it in the crosshairs of Chinese and Japanese central banks. Overnight the People’s Bank of China verbally warned speculators against ‘one-sided moves’ and the Bank of Japan’s Governor Ueda hinted at the possibility of ending its super-easy monetary policy of negative interest rates.

The USD has gained 7.39% vs. CNY since late January, lifting USD/CNY to 7.3498, the pair’s highest mark since December 2007. And the USD/JPY is +11.21% since January.

The USD is lower today against all majors following the comments from Asia, notably: -0.99% vs. AUD, -0.94% vs. JPY, -0.71% vs. NZD, -0.77% vs. CNH, and -0.51% vs. GBP. The U.S. Dollar Index is -0.43%, retreating from its highest weekly close (105.09) since the week ending February 24th.

USD/MXN is -0.40% today but is still trading between the high/low ranges from the last four days.

U.S. Treasury yields are higher in the far tenors and mixed in the 1-month to 3-year tenors.

Global equities are starting the week strong with most major indexes solidly in the green: S&P500 futures +0.57% and Nasdaq100 futures up 0.85%.

Economic data to watch for this week includes Wednesday’s CPI and Thursday’s PPI.

Economic Calendar

GBP - MPC Member Pill Speaks
EUR - EU Economic Forecasts
CNY - New Loans
CNY - M2 Money Supply y/y
GBP - MPC Member Mann Speaks
JPY - Prelim Machine Tool Orders y/y
EUR - Italian Industrial Production m/m
NZD - Visitor Arrivals m/m

Market Indicators

Currency Pairs
Pair High Low
usd/jpy 147.273 145.898
eur/usd 1.07592 1.07079
gbp/usd 1.25484 1.24302
aud/usd 0.64493 0.63734
usd/cad 1.36393 1.35607
eur/gbp 0.85887 0.85529
usd/mxn 17.5929 17.453
Equities and Commodities
S&P 500 4472.99
NASDAQ 15370.5
DOW 34590.8
GOLD 1922.62

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