GPS Presents At BDO Seidman Alliance Conference


“This is such worthwhile opportunity for us to speak in front of our peers on the importance and understanding of foreign exchange,” says managing partner and founding member, Jason Langston. “We have received great feedback in the past and we hope to be able to return to this conference in the future to share more of our industry knowledge,” he adds.

Langston, along with managing partner and founding member, Ali Manbeian, will present ‘Foreign Exchange: Managing Risks and Opportunities.’ The presentation focuses on truly understanding foreign exchange and why it is important for CFO’s to understand the risks associated with it.

The BDO Seidman Alliance is a nationwide association of independently owned, local and regional accounting, consulting and service firms, with over 250 partners. The association hosts various conferences and events nationwide, covering a wide range of business practices. More information on the BDO Seidman Alliance can be found at

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, GPS was founded in April, 2002 by Ryan Gibbons, Jason Langston, and Ali Manbeian-all former financial institution managers with over twenty years of experience in risk mitigation, foreign exchange hedging, ecommerce solutions, and business development.

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