GPS Capital Markets Grows with New Offices in Canada

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We have expanded our seasoned team of Canadian corporate FX advisors by adding five highly accomplished names to the roster: Steve Kulchyk, James Lei, Jared Burns, Don Edirisinghe and Xingli Mo. They bring decades of experience advising Canadian business operating internationally on how to successfully hedge market risk, create certainty, save time, and protect profits.

Learn more about their areas of expertise:

Steve Kulchyk has been in the FX industry for nearly a decade, focusing mainly on risk management strategies and working in various positions including sales, execution, and management. In his most recent role, Steve took a small break from corporate FX to work with a fintech company that focused specifically on the fund space. While in the role, he worked directly with some of the largest fund managers in the world and helped them with hedging their FX exposures in their round-trip investment cycles. Ultimately, Steve’s passion and knowledge for corporate FX risk management led him to pursue a new career with GPS. His client base includes many household names, and he is looking forward to increasing his reach across North America.

James Lei clearly understands the entrepreneurial spirit that drives businesses to expect more from their FX services provider. Because of his experience on both sides of the table – as a business owner and a financial services industry professional – James consistently delivers tailor-made FX risk management and exposure hedging solutions that enable SMEs to achieve higher revenues and lower costs. Throughout his 20+years in the industry, James has developed expertise in FX hedging, financial planning, wealth management, private equity investments, corporate strategic consulting, and the commercial banking sector. Armed with these experiences, a formal education including an MBA degree in Finance, and an unquenchable passion for recognizing entrepreneurship, James is well positioned to deliver excellent results for his clients. He is also an avid member and supporter the Chinese Canadian business community and serves as Board member of the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs (ACC). He is comfortable assisting clients in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin.

Jared Burns combines a passion for FX and risk management with 15 years of capital markets experience to thoroughly understand the power of volatility when doing business internationally. Coming from a trading background with one of the “big five” banks, Jared transitioned into the broker channel in 2010 and had successfully grown his assets under management to nearly 2.5B USD in annual FX volume. Jared understands the inner workings of global currencies and the impact they have on import/export markets. He prides himself on his ability to build and implement acute, high-level risk management strategies for corporate partners. His primary objective is working closely with his clients to fully understand their unique business needs. Corporations trust Jared to consistently assess their foreign exchange requirements and establish strategies to help hedge market risk, create certainty, save time, and protect profits. Jared empowers his clients with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions in the international marketplace, helping them stay competitive. He believes that consistently portraying a superior standard of service is what allows him to be competitively distinct in the FX Marketplace.

Don Edirisinghe has been in FX sales for over 10 years with a successful track record in managing clients’ foreign exchange needs with FX hedging and risk management strategies that result from a deep understanding of their needs, cashflows, risk appetite and expectations. His unique consultative and solution-based relationship management style has continuously rewarded him with a strong and loyal clientele across some key diverse industry sectors. Equipped with an international MBA from Australia and business dealings with both SMEs and MNCs in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America, Don brings the knowledge and firsthand experience to thoroughly understand the risk and volatility of the global currency markets and the impact they have on Canadian businesses operating internationally.

Xingli Mo has been working in the FX industry for nearly two years.  She was most recently working at a global financial solutions company before joining GPS Capital Markets, LLC.  Xingli was attracted to working at GPS because of the company’s reputation as a trusted partner and the opportunity to further mature in her career by working with seasoned teammates who have solid experience within the FX Industry.  Clients may also benefit from her ability to communicate in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

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