"Balance Sheet Hedging" Posts

Improving Business Batting Averages with Balance Sheet Hedging: Cricket, FX, and Mitigating Risk

From a certain vantage point, the world of foreign exchange is a complex game influenced by predictable and unpredictable factors:  Businesses that correctly anticipate market movements and their risk exposure win their games, while those that don’t forecast or understand their weaknesses tend to lose. My perspective is undoubtedly influenced by my lifelong love of […]

FXbeacon: 75 Hard, 100% Smart: Currency Hedging Lessons from my “75 Hard” Journey

Imagine at the beginning of July, you decided to join me on a personal journey to transform physically and mentally by taking on the “75 Hard” fitness and mental wellness challenge (I started 66 days ago). For those who are not familiar, “75 Hard” consists of 5 daily challenges: A) Two 45-minute workouts (one has […]