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Critical Factors Affecting Operating Costs in the Resource Sector

Operating costs in the resource sector are expected to ease in 2023 due to volume improvements, yet inflationary pressures remain with labour costs putting upward pressure on operating expenditure (OPEX). At the recent Asia Pacific Carbon Conference (APCC) in Newcastle, Australia – coal producers openly discussed the increasing cost of operating mines in Australia. The […]

FXbeacon: Swim, Bike, Run, Hedge

The three sports of triathlons are swimming, biking, and running – in that order. Each discipline separately, is a challenge of its own and many people spend their whole lives enjoying the pursuit of a single sport.  However, putting them all together into one race and successfully completing a triathlon requires: assessing your current physical […]

Finance Digest – 5 FX Metrics Your Business Should Be Tracking

Businesses dealing internationally in multiple currencies are often met with the task of creating their own FX risk management strategy in order to limit losses to their bottom line from currency fluctuations. As such, the FX brokerage industry has emerged and thrived for the past 2+ decades, with many of them helping corporations develop and […]