"Intercompany Netting" Posts

International Entertainment Company Substantially Reduces FX Risk with GPS’ Cash Flow Hedging Expertise

An industry-leading international entertainment company with annual revenues of $900 million operates with a significant presence in over 20 countries, with the European group dealing with five currencies due to its inflows and outflows from operations. Despite their robust market position, the company struggled with managing currency fluctuations and forecasting cash flows accurately in their […]

How Finance Roles Use FX Software for Transparency and Efficacy

                    In the world of corporate finance, proficiency in foreign exchange (FX) software can bridge gaps and create a financial environment of maximum transparency. Notable figures like Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates—the largest hedge fund in the world with over $150 billion in assets—have […]

Choosing the Right Financial Strategy: Intercompany Netting vs. In-House Banking

If you seek to optimize your organization’s financial obligations across subsidiary entities, understanding the concept of intercompany netting is essential. This method involves offsetting mutual payables and receivables among different entities within the same group, aiming to minimize the actual funds transferred between parties. When you master the intricacies of intercompany netting, including its operational […]

From Chaos to Clarity: The Magic of Intercompany Netting

I’ve seen firsthand how overwhelming it can be for treasury departments to manage the avalanche of invoices that come with global companies’ intercompany transactions. The sheer volume and complexity can quickly become unmanageable without the right tools and expertise. I’ve also witnessed the incredible transformation that occurs when treasury departments leverage advanced technology and specialized […]